Film ‘Sátántangó’ in Meeting Point Cinema

Sátántangó_dvd_coverOn 1 June, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see the film ‘Sátántangó’ which will be shown in Meeting Point Cinema starting at 1 p.m. The film will have two breaks.

Sátántangó, meaning “Satan’s Tango”is a 1994 Hungarian film directed by Béla Tarr. Shot in black-and-white, it runs for over 7 hours. It is based on the novel Satantango by Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai, who has been providing Tarr with stories since his 1988 film Damnation.

The plot deals with the collapse of a collective farm in Hungary near the end of the Communist period. Several people on the farm are eager to leave with the cash they will receive for closing down the community, but they hear that the smooth-talking and charismatic Irimiás, who had disappeared over two years ago and whom they thought to be dead, is returning. Much of the film’s plot concentrates on the impact and consequences of Irimiás’ return through multiple POVs as the communards must cope not only with Irimiás’ scheming, but that of each other.

The author and director of the film Béla Tarr will attend the screening  which will be free of charge.


(photo: wikipedia)

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