Financial News: B&H Football Team Could Unite People of B&H

fudbalFinancial News, the leading Internet and weekly media portal on business news, commented on the current state of B&H society and the success of the B&H football team. According to writer David Thomas, its success could encourage national unity.

Thomas writes that he is impressed with Sarajevo, a city that two decades ago suffered the longest siege in modern history. Instead of seeing rubble, he met many tourists on the streets of Sarajevo, ate at many restaurants, sat at bars and was impressed with the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influence architecture of this city.

‘’We could look for national unity through sport. The country is one step away from qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil 2014, after the team suffered agony in the past few years. They have the same number of points as Greece. Everyone hopes that the team will have success, which would contribute to a positive atmosphere in the country’’, said David Thomas for Financial News.


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