First Business Strategic Forum held in Tuzla

bsf-696x456The first Business Strategic Forum, which was held yesterday in Tuzla and which was organized by the Employers’ Association of BiH and Colosseum Ltd. Tuzla, gathered 150 businessmen.

The aim of the forum was to bring together businessmen so that they could strengthen their position on the market and acquire potential new experiences in export market.

Minister of Trade, Transportation and Tourism of the Tuzla Canton Mirsad Gluhić believes that this forum is important for the economy of the Tuzla Canton and that it might yield some concrete results which would facilitate the market performance for businessmen and open discussions about branding of products from the area, in order to make them more competitive outside of BiH borders.

Director of BSF Zlatko Berbić said that this forum is an opportunity to present the problems and needs of employers to the representatives of authorities.

“Today, when the entire world is thinking globally, when liberal economy has turned the planet upside down, when small ones disappear, we recognized that we must grow bigger and as the association of employers leave the shade, that we must say clearly and loudly what are problems are, what we request from the country and what kind of support we expect,” said Berbić.

Economic analyst Admir Čavalić claims that BSF is a unique event for the Tuzla Canton because, according to him, this is the first opportunity for the true voice of businessmen to be heard.

Čavalić added that the focus of the forum is to bring businessmen together, adding that today there are certain enterprises in some industries whose existence is still unknown to many people and those enterprises operate on the market, are export-oriented, and are the pride of that canton.


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