First Hydro Power Plant on River Spreča Will Be Built

rijeka-sprecaOn the river Spreča, between the FB&H municipality Gračanica and municipality Petrovo in the RS, the construction of the first mini hydro power plant is planned, in which ‘EEH-Hidroenergija’ from Gračanica will invest 4.000.000 BAM in the next three years.

Currently, they are working on obtaining environmental permits, after which there will be a design panel and public discussion where those interested will issue remarks.

As part of the project, the investor will clean 700 meters of the riverbed of the river Spreča and both of its banks of this length. It was announced that the damaged bridge would be repaired on the road Petrovo-Donja Orahovica, and the two municipalities will have concession reimbursements.

The Director of ‘EEH-Hidroenergija’ Edin Osmanović said that the company will regularly maintain the riverbed and that the company is ready to have municipalities Gračanica and Petrovo candidates for IPA Funds of the EU after the construction of the power plant.


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