First Solar Power Plant in B&H exceeding the expected Production

Solar Power Plant radioglasdrine.comThere are 16 solar power plants at the territory of FB&H that sell electricity to electro-energetic enterprises. Solar power plants have proven to be an excellent project which can reduce electricity bills if used for personal purposes or which can generate profit if you sell the produced electricity.

The first solar power plant in B&H was opened in March 2012 in Kalesija, built by Sadik Fatić and his son Selmir, owner of the company “Eko Energija”. It is installed on the roof of the City Hall in Kalesija and its construction cost 800,000 BAM. The collected sun energy is being transformed into electrical energy with the help of solar modules and that electricity is then sent to the system of Elektroprivreda BiH. The solar power plant has the power of 12 kilowatts and solar panels cover 1,200 square meters.

“We are satisfied with the work of the solar power plant that generates between 130,000 and 150,000 kilowatt hours annually. So far, we have achieved production by 30 percent higher than expected, thanks to the equipment of highest quality,” Selmir Fatić said.

This solar power plant earns over 110,000 BAM annually. Selmir expects the return of invested money in less than five years, which means that profit will be generated after that, of which one thousand BAM has to be paid for the rental of the roof. Fatić recommends everyone interested in such projects to build a solar power plant because concession is not paid for it.

“This is something new here and a lot can be learned in the field of renewable sources of energy. I advise everyone who has the opportunity to invest in solar, hydro and wind power plants because they are really cost-effective. Such projects demand investments, but the profit is secured and that is the most important,” Fatić said.


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