Five Star Hotels in BiH are the most affordable in the World

The fact that BH is a very popular destination nowadays has been shown by a large survey that was carried out in 165 countries of the world and a total of 8,000 hotels.

The sector of tourism in BiH, as well as the number of tourists who are visiting our country, is recording a constant increase, and one of the reasons for that is cheap accommodation.

After long and extensive research, the website placed BiH at the top of the list of countries with the most favourable five-star hotels.

Tunisia is in the second place, and Macedonia in the third place. Paraguay is in the fourth place, and the fifth place went to Romania.

The list with the most expensive destinations was also completed, and Saint Lucia, French Polynesia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Switzerland were included on it.

The analysis included the experience of thousands of tourists who stayed in five-star hotels all over the world, and they were taking into consideration the average price for overnight stays in that kind of luxury hotels.

In the conclusion of this analysis was noted that the list of the most favourable destinations does not mean that those destinations are the most popular ones in the world as well.




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