Foca: A red five-pointed Star is drawn on the Mural of War Criminal Ratko Mladic

The mural with the image of the convicted war criminal Ratko Mladic, which was drawn on the wall in the Medjurjecje settlement in Foca, in Petra Bojovica Street, was “adapted” by an unknown “artist” on Sunday night.

Namely, on a mural painted in such a way that a war criminal salutes passers-by in the street near the Fisherman’s Restaurant near the school, someone drew a red star over Mladic’s left eye, which is a symbol of anti-fascism and the national liberation fight in World War II. Among others, it was worn by partisans.

Painting residential buildings with murals of war criminals and other individuals from Serbian history has become a real trend in Foca, which in this way sends a bad message to Bosniaks who are returning to this city.

To recall, a new photo of Ratko Mladic appeared on the wall of a residential building in the most crowded part of the city in Foca yesterday, and the only goal of such a heinous act is to provoke war victims and their families, Klix.ba writes.


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