Foundation Stone for the Construction of Hydro Power Plant Vrilo laid

The foundation stone for the construction of the pumping hydro power plant Vrilo in the Municipality of Tomislavgrad was laid.

It is important to note that these are new capacities of renewable energy sources that will put BiH on the European green card. New plants will help in the development of our economy and the process of creating new workplaces.

Mayor of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad Ivan Vukadin stated that this is a large project, not only for Tomislavgrad, but for the entire country.

He added that the hydro power plant represents a new step for this municipality after the wind power plant, which was opened back in March this year. Another wind power plant should be constructed by the end of the year.

Vukadin stated that if this area gets another wind power plant and starts with the construction of a reversible hydropower plant, then they can start talking about millions of BAM when it comes to finances.

Director of Elektroprivreda HZHB Marinko Gilja announced a new large investment of this public company, a tunnel that will connect Busko blato and Ramsko lake, whose value was estimated at 70 million EUR. Foundation stone for that project will be laid soon as well.

Marinko Gilja also stated that the priority of the business policy of this public company is the development and construction of new production projects from renewable sources, with which will be ensured the future on a demanding market of electric energy.


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