Free Screening of “Never leave Me” Movie by Aida Begic

On the occasion of the European Day of Art and the First Day of the European Film Challenge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Association of Film Workers of BiH and the Meeting Point Cinema organize a free screening of the movie “Do not Leave Me” by Aida Begic.

A candidate of BiH for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award is the film “Never Leave Me” by BH director Aida Begic.

This year’s candidate film “Never Leave Me” was premiered at the Antalya Film Festival last year, and the screening in BH cinemas started yesterday. The film was also screened this year at Sarajevo Film Festival within programs “BH Film” and “In Focus”, and it went to dozens of world festivals, including the famous Edinburgh Film Festival.

“Never Leave Me” is a story of pain, the search for the meaning of life and friendship of orphans. Syrian boys Isa, Ahmed and Muataz live a hard life as refugees in the magical mythical town of Sanliurfa in Turkey. The film was recorded at authentic locations in Sanliurfa and with Syrian refugees.

The Academy Award is awarded by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences AMPAS, and it is one of the most important awards in the world of film art. The awarding ceremony is one of the most watched television programs all over the United States and the whole world.

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