Frenchmen want the Command over EUFOR in BiH?

Commandant Bradshaw The French government launched a fierce lobbying for taking over the place of deputy supreme commander of Allied Powers in Europe, the second most important place in NATO.

Thus, after leaving the European Union, the British could lose the position that they held for more than 60 years.

The Independent writes that this position could be given to the other member state of the EU in order for NATO to maintain strong ties with the EU. It would also weaken the defense capabilities of the United Kingdom.

From the Ministry of Defense reminded that this country is holding this position since 1951 and that “this is not something that they would easily give up on”. Minister Michael Fallon said that “if Britain is leaving the European Union, it does not mean that Britain is leaving Europe as well.”

โ€œWe will continue our leading role in European security. Our budget is the second largest in NATO and we will continue fulfilling all of our obligations including the position of Deputy Supreme Commander of Allied Powers in Europe,โ€ said Fallon.

The mission that operates under the Berlin Plus agreement is currently active in BiH. It is under the direct command of the British General Adrian Bradshaw who, besides being Deputy Supreme Commander of Allied Powers in Europe, is also the operational commander of Operation ALTHEA or EUFOR. If France manages to lobby and take over that position in NATO, it would mean that they would automatically take over command of EUFOR in BiH from the United Kingdom.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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