Friars from Congo visiting Sarajevo and learning Bosnian Traditions

When Hubert Kasonta and Cosmas Safari Sadiki met in a Franciscan monastery in Congo back in 2012, they never even imagined that they will come to BiH four years later by God’s will. However, they are here for a year and a half, they speak our language, learn local songs, enjoy food and socialize with their brothers at the Franciscan Theology in Sarajevo.

Their arrival was agreed by the leading provincials from Congo and our country. They arrived in November 2016 and spent the first few months in Visoko where they were learning our language. It was not easy for them when they were told that they are chosen to go to the other end of the world.

“It was difficult for me, BiH was an unknown country for me, both language and people were completely unknown. I never heard a word in your language in Congo, but I came here on November 14, 2016,” said Fra Cosmas (30), a great lover of learning and studying.

Besides the new words, the friars from Congo saw the snow for the first time in BiH, but also faced very low temperatures.

They spend most of their days studying, praying and attending masses, and they like to spend their free time in a city tour, or just socializing with other Franciscans. Moreover, Fr. Hubert loves to read, learn new words in our language and repeat everything he already learned. On the other hand, his friend enjoys music.

When it comes to food, they mostly like to eat what they do not have in their homeland of Congo.

“We like hot dogs, cevapies, sausages and burek pie,” said friars.

Although they like it here, they also miss their homeland, especially their family and friends.

“The university I studied was far away from my town, and I could not go home often due to work, but Hubert and I are planning to go to Congo this summer,” said Fra Cosmas.

However, where the will of God will take them this time will be known in three years.

(Source: A. Z./Klix.ba)





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