From Love for Flowers to Successful Business

12804368_1120140311370257_366189805_nMotivated by the desire to have his own business, Jasmin Habibović from Visoko started growing flowers in a greenhouse five years ago.

Right after the high school, Jasmin started thinking about self-employment. There were several solutions, but he went back to growing flowers every time.

Jasmine was thinking of growing flowers outdoors because it is considerably cheaper, but he found a relatively cost-effective greenhouse that fitted his beginnings.

“Then my parents helped me buy a greenhouse and accompanying equipment. I thought I had right to some kind of incentive as a young entrepreneur, but the commissions that went out to the field informed me that I cannot get an incentive because my equipment is not new,” Habibović said.

Currently the most important time of the year for Jasmin is the period prior to March 8. He is working in his greenhouse from dawn to dusk. Jasmine is convinced that this year he will offer the best and most beautiful flowers so far.

“I started this business knowing almost nothing, but I have learnt a lot and I believe will offer the most beautiful flowers for this March 8,” Habibović sai.

The 26-year-old Habibović wants to tell all young people that they should be persistent in their goals, that they should not give up and that every problem has a solution. He highlighted that beginnings are always difficult in every business, that problems arise often, but that man learns how to cope with them and that, once they are in the past, they become an additional motive.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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