FUCZ Members cleaned 21 Kilometres long Road and handed Food Packages to Villagers

Members of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) have been working for 10 hours without breaks to open the road to Luka, one of the villages near Srebrenica, they also visited the families and shared food, medicines, and made the children happy with packages.

After delivering the supplies, they will continue to the village of Krusev Do, whose villagers are still cut off from other areas.

Children living in villages could not enjoy the new year because their house was covered by snow for the last 20 days, and travel communication has so far been unsuccessful.

Members of FUCZ came on the call of the locals and on the appeal of the president of local community Hama Zulanovic. They cleared the road  21 kilometers long and reached the first house at 2:40 am.

The package with food and other necessities were prepared by Pomozi.ba humanitarian organization, Klix.ba news portal writes.


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