Funeral for Boy Muhamed who was killed by a Kidnapper in Berlin

funeral2The funeral was attended by almost 350 people, and Muhamed’s mother was not able to attend it because of health problems. The boy was laid down in the grave for the last time by his stepfather Claudio Dura, according to Bild.
As reported by German media, large number of citizens from B&H attended the funeral, and the boy was buried in the Muslim part of the cemetery.

“I know what this family is going through, because I also came in Germany as a refugee 20 years ago,” said one of the attendees of the funeral.
Large number of non-Muslims attended the funeral as well.

To recall, the accused Silvio S. admitted that, after he kidnapped the boy Muhamed Januzi on the 1st of October, he sexually abused and then strangled him.
(Source: klix.ba)

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