BHANSA will be capable to take over the Control of Airspace

airspace2With the appointment of the administration of the Agency for the Provision of Air Navigation Services in B&H by the Council of Ministers of B&H, the conclusion of the Parliamentary Assembly which is referring to the appointment of the Management Board of the Agency was fulfilled.

The appointment of management will be a strong incentive for the Agency for the provision of air navigation services to take over the leading role in the implementation of the second phase of the Strategy for the development of system for air traffic management and the implementation of the corresponding Action Plan and establishment of control over the entire airspace of B&H.

Next activity refers to the second part of the Assembly’s conclusion, which is making the Action Plan that will define activities, executors and deadlines for the realization of the second phase of Strategy on Air Traffic Management.

After the realization of the second phase of the Strategy, BHANSA will be able to take over the control on the entire airspace over B&H, as announced by the Ministry of Communications and Transport.
(Source: klix.ba)

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