’Gazprom’ Approved 13 Percent Decrease in Price for Gas for BIH

dodik borik_310x186The President of the RS Milorad Dodik and the Deputy Chairman of the Board for ‘Gazprom’ Aleksandar Medvedev signed today in Banja Luka the road map for the realization of energy projects in the RS, as part of the project “Južni tok”.

Dodik said that he is informed and that the price of gas for BIH would be 13 percent less and this counts, retroactively, from 1 March of this year.

“This shows that ‘Gazprom’ respects the situation in this region’’, said Dodik at a press conference.

Speaking on the road map that was signed today, he said that this continues the realization of business so that the pipeline would go through the RS, which would, as he said, be of key importance for its energy stability because it would enable the improvement of the standards of living and bigger potential for the economy.

As part of this project, he said that the construction of a gas power and heating plant is expected.

He thanked President Vladimir Putin, outlining that he is confident that this project would be completed successfully.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board for ‘Gazprom’ Aleksandar Medvedev said that this document opens a new level of cooperation between Russia and the RS and the FBiH, and said that the BiH government supports this project.

The project would not be possible without support, assessed President of the RS Milorad Dodik.

He expects that by the end of the year technical and economic affairs preparation for the construction of the gas pipeline through the RS will finish, which would include the construction of a gas power plant.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH Aleksandar Bocan-Harčenko said after the singing of the road map that on the occasion of the visit of the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija to Moscow they received assurance that “Južni tok has the support of BiH.

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