German Newspaper: Serbian and Croatian Politicians are urgently working to break up BiH

Serbian and Croatian politicians are urgently working to break up Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Although the European Union (EU) registered it, there is no adequate answer, writes the German newspaper Taz. And the FAZ newspaper presents a new translation of Karahasan’s “Relocation Diary”.

The German newspaper Tageszeitung (Taz) began the article with a description of a teahouse in Sarajevo named “Franz and Sophie” and recalled the assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne and his wife in 1914, which was the cause for World War II.

Further, it was pointed out that everything Dodik does after Inzko’s imposition of the Law on the Ban of Genocide Denial shocked many, according to the journalist of Taz.

“Inzko wanted to do something against nationalist ideologies and denial of crimes, not just those committed by Serbs. The law was supposed to be an introduction to the reconciliation process. But the reaction was fierce. Serbian nationalists do not even want to hear about reconciliation, they believe war criminals who were convicted before The Hague tribunal are heroes. Young people wear T-shirts with their faces. And if they confessed these crimes, it would jeopardize the survival of Republika Srpska (RS), ” writes journalist of Taz adding that more than half of non-Serbs lived in today’s RS before the war, and only “the military occupation of this region and ethnic cleansing enabled the emergence of this entity.”

Does Dodik want to secede from RS with weapons?

In response to the Law on the Ban of Genocide Denial, all Serbs were withdrawn from joint BiH and parliamentary institutions. They demand, with the support of Russia and China, the abolition of the duties of the High Representative (HR) and the joint court. Dodik is also asking for the withdrawal of Serbian soldiers from the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) and the formation of the RS Army, Taz journalist describes the situation.

“Does Dodik want to carry out the secession of RS, which he is constantly seeking, with weapons? For years, Russian officers have been training Serbian police officers under the guise of fighting terrorism. This did not go unnoticed in NATO. During a military maneuver this summer, United States (U.S.) troops passed through Banja Luka, ” states the German newspaper.

The newspaper also notes that Croatian nationalists are working to destabilize BiH and that their leader and HDZ leader Dragan Covic is constantly complaining about the oppression of Croats in the entity of Federation of BiH (FBiH).

BiH is like a seismograph

The German newspaper mentioned that BiH is “like a seismograph” when it comes to developments in the Balkans, and added: “Of course, those in Brussels and Berlin know this well. It is known that Russia is trying to prevent the enlargement of the EU, and above all NATO, and to support the nationalist forces not only of the “Serbian world” but also those in NorthMacedonia and Croatia. There is a danger that the Balkan conference in Slovenia, could underestimate the latest developments in the Balkans. “

This, as Taz further notes, is indicated by the recent visits of Angela Merkel and Ursula von der Layen to the region. “Both politicians made it clear that they see Vucic as a reliable partner. Representatives of the democratic opposition look at it with concern. It reminds them of the behavior of the international community before the war of the 1990s when it was courting Milosevic. “The few oppositionists who are still speaking in Vucic’s dictatorial regime are appalled,” Taz stated.

Nevertheless, democratic movements are slowly forming in all parts of the Balkans, which “can no longer tolerate nationalist-oriented and corrupt kleptocrats.” Last weekend, thousands of people led by Banja Luka Mayor Drasko Stanivukovic protested Dodik’s corruption and corruption in his party. In Bosniak-controlled territories, the nationalist SDA is weakening and ‘in retreat,’ “the German journalist wrote.” In Zagreb, left-green activist Tomislav Tomasevic won the election. For Adnan and Mehmed Cehajic from the teahouse, these are signs of hope. And green tea tastes a little better than usual, ” concluded the journalist of the Tageszeitung newspaper from Berlin, Klix.ba writes.


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