Germany Embassy Donated SIPA Equipment Worth 47,000 KM

The Ambassador of Germany to BiH Ulrike Maria Knotz handed out a donation of photo equipment on behalf of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) today, worth 47,000 KM for the strengthening of the capacity building of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) BiH.

The handover of the donated equipment was made at the SIPA headquarters.

”It is a great honor to hand over these SIPA donations. This agency and BKA has cooperated together for years. I am glad that the cooperation is very intensive, good and professional”, said Ambassador Knotz.

She said that the cooperation between SIPA and BKA is based on a network of personal contacts, which is the result of great trust.

”The support of SIPA is in the interst of Germany, because in this way we strenghten the fight against crime in this country”, added the German Ambassador to BiH.

She said that SIPA has a very responsible job, which is important for the citizens of BiH, the rule of law and justice.

Wishing the representatives of SIPA success in their future endeavors, she said that the hope is for cooperation to continue between this agency and Germany.

The Director of SIPA, Goran Zubac, suggested that the German donation obligates this agency to continue its internatinoal cooperation in the fight against organized crime, acts of terrorism, money laundering, financial crimes and other serious crimes.

”SIPA will in the coming year achieve remarkable results, which will be higher than the results in 2012, which we announced as the best year of the work of SIPA. The citizens will recognize that”, said Zubac.

He said that SIPA in the next period will be an important subject of internaitonal police cooperation.

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