Germany Supports Demining in BiH

deminiranje-BiH-300x224Since 1997, German supports the humanitarian demining activities and cleaning of ordnances in BiH.

Until now, Germany has allocated 25,8 million euros demining projects. In 2013, it is anticipated that 1,1 million euros will be given.

By demining the munitions warehouse in Krupa and Hadžići municipality, Germany has created the preconditions to rehabilitate the aforementioned warehouse in accordance with international standards.

With this, Germany indirectly contributes to the security of the citizens of BiH.

With the area cleared in Krupa, new possibilities are opened for the coordinated actions of the international community and at the state level in BIH to overcome their internal, often ethnically based differences and correct the problem in terms of the security of stocks of ammunition, announced the Germany Embassy to BiH.

The handover in accordance of this project is announced for today.

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