Goražde – In the industrial Sector Employed 14.000 People

gorazdeFor many years the company from Goražde and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton its products launched on international markets. And for the easy export to the Russian market, announces the opening of registration for the production of auto upholstery Prevent companies in neighboring Serbia.

“Preventtoday with its operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Russia covers 12% of the European market. In addition to “Prevent“, a successful company „Bekto Precisa“that 85% of its products  exports to Austria and Germany, and has employed 357 workers.

Very successful company in this canton is also “Unis Ginex,” which is the only producer of initial capsule in the Balkans. Last year they achieved a 17 million EUR of revenues, and this year the figure will rise to 20 million EUR. Annual value of exported goods to Serbia amounts to EUR 4 millions.

In the industrial sector of Bosnia Podrinje Canton Goražde, there are employed 14,000 people, and the economic indicators are in constant growth.

The key data of the economic development in Goražde are export growth of goods and services, import-export ratio, the growth of industrial production and employment, as well as the increase in personal incomes. The result is that Bosnia Podrinje Canton Goražde is one of the largest exporters not only in the Federation B&H, but also in the country.



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