Government of Federation of BiH allocates 22 Million BAM for Railways

At yesterday’s session, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Government, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications, adopted the Program for spending current transfer funds – subsidies to public companies, intended for the FBiH Railways for 2021, in the amount of 22 million BAM.

Out of this, 21.5 million BAM is planned for Public Enterprise Zeljeznice Federacije BiH Sarajevo, namely BAM 19.4 million for financing the maintenance of railway infrastructure, BAM 2 million for co-financing of railway passenger and 100,000 BAM for co-financing of railway combined transport.

The remaining 500,000 BAM represents the participation of the Federation of BH in the financing of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Railway Public Corporation.

The purpose of the adopted program is the implementation of the Law on Financing of Railway Infrastructure and Co-financing of Passenger and Combined Transport, on the basis of which the Federation of BiH finances the maintenance of railway infrastructure and co-finances railway passenger and combined transport.

Yesterday, the Federal Government gave its consent to the approval of the report on the operations of the FBiH Sarajevo Railways for 2019, and approved the Rebalance of the business plan of this public company for 2020, it is stated in the announcement.

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