Government of Federation of BiH to allocate 25 Million BAM for Bihac Airport

At today’s session of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, funds were provided for the continuation of the construction of the Airport in Bihac.

According to the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry Semsudin Dedic, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Decision on the adoption of the program for spending funds for Bihac Airport in the amount of 25 million BAM was adopted.

He reminds that the Government of FBiH is the only investor for the construction of the Airport in Bihac and has so far provided about 10 million BAM.

By adopting today’s decision on the program of spending funds in the amount of 25 million BAM, the plan is to complete the first phase of construction of the Airport in Bihac with a runway in the length of 1,200 meters, control tower, lighting and other necessary infrastructure for the airport to function for landing aircraft.

Smaller planes carrying about 70 passengers could land on this part of the runway.

“This is a generational project that has great economic and development significance for the City of Bihac and Una-Sana Canton. The construction of the Airport with Bihac is expected to better communicate and connect this part of BiH with the rest of the country and the world, more tourists and investments. with our diaspora “, said Minister Dedic.

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