Government to allocate Six Million BAM for Enterprises in Federation of BiH

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has made a decision on the Program for the use of funds for the purpose of subsidizing interest rates for all users of credit and guarantee programs of the Border Fund.

Federal Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Amir Zukic pointed out that one of the programs refers to micro, small and medium enterprises, while the other program refers to crafts and other independent entrepreneurs.

“For that purpose, six million BAM are planned, and the amount of the interest rate up to which it will be subsidized is 4.5 percent. This is another measure by which the Government of the Federation of BiH is trying to help small and medium enterprises and craftsmen in order to repair the consequences of the pandemic and ensure business continuity, “Zukic added.

He explained that all beneficiaries of these project-guarantee programs have the right to receive interest subsidies, and the subsidy will be done on a quarterly basis.

“All beneficiaries of these programs who regularly pay annuities on loans they use from the Guarantee Fund will be entitled to this type of subsidy, and we have tried to make these subsidies according to the simplest possible procedure,” said Zukic.

The Development Bank of FBiH will collect data from commercial banks on the regularity and amount of paid liabilities, forward them to the Ministry and on the basis of these data will make a refund.

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