Great interest for the Apartment “Angelina and Brad” in Gorazde

Eight years have passed since the visit of the famous Hollywood couple to the town on the Drina River but the memories of that day are still kept in Goražde.

Hollywood couple arrived on the 4th of April 2010 around 19:30 pm and spent a quiet night in the company of staff who kept the secret about their arrival. They praised that, for the first time in a long time, they sat by the window and enjoy the uninterrupted evening. They were fascinated by the beauty of the Drina River, where the hotel is located.

“They had their dinner by themselves. We, the staff, did not bothered them much. We served the dinner and took the distance, looking if something more is needed, “added Rakaj.

“During the visit of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the hotel was relatively young, and it existed only for two years. From that point on, better days came. We got free advertising, and people heard for us all over the world. We keep all their things on a special place. There are photos, and we have cups, glasses, cutlery, dishes … Everything that was on the table back then, we have now. We also have the apartment where they were staying and it is named by them. There is a great interest for that apartment. People who come from abroad, on the honeymoon or the chance to travel want to spend one night in that apartment, so it is always rented, “says Rakaj.

The staff of “Behar” secretly hopes for a new visit of the movie stars, who enchanted them with their kindness, openness and attitude they were not expecting from celebrities like them.



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