Hajrudin Alic pays Expenses for his Four Children by successfully dealing with Cattle Breeding

Forty-three years old Hajrudin Alić, from the city of Gornji Vakuf, successfully deals with cattle breeding in which, he says, he has recognized great opportunities.

“I have been dealing with this business for twenty years, and today my family owns a farm of cows. There is a lot of work, but when you do something with love, it’s not difficult,” Alic told Federal News Agency.

He added that, thanks to the participation in the self-employment project he applied for ten years ago, he registered a craft and expanded production.

“We have twenty dairy cows and production of about 6,000 liters of milk, which, according to the signed agreement, we are handing over the dairy “Meggle” from Bihac. I am satisfied with the cooperation so far,” Alic stressed, adding that the whole family is doing this business.

Alic does not mean to give up.

“I made a new barn in accordance with European standards, a capacity of thirty cows, and applied for cantonal support for agriculture for the project of extending to a capacity of fifty.”

He believes that all the farms in the territory of this municipality have a perspective, but adds that greater benefit from local community support, as well as incentives in primary production from higher levels of government would bring positive results.

From the money he earns, he manages to pay expenses for four children, of which the oldest daughter is a student at the university.



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