Has a new Strain of Coronavirus been detected in BiH?

Of the 463 people hospitalized in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) due to complications with COVID-19, 86.4 percent are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated, said Assistant Minister of Health of FBiH, Marina Bera.

Bera, who presented the latest information on the epidemiological situation at yesterday‘s session of the Government of the FBiH, pointed out at the press conference that 150 samples have been sequenced in the last 15 days and that no omicron strain has been found in FBiH. But, Bera statedthat we can certainly expect that it will be detected in our country soon.

The incidence of the number of infected in the last 15 days is 143 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. Bera mentioned that the level of virus transmission is high in five cantons: Canton Sarajevo, Tuzla Canton, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Posavina Canton,and West Herzegovina Canton.

“What has been constant lately is the number of hospitalized and it is always around 500 people. Currently, 543 people are suffering from COVID-19 in hospital treatment, of which 8.7 percent or 47 are in invasive mechanical ventilation, “ Bera told.

“When it comes to vaccination, despite the fact that there are enough vaccines, which allows vaccination and choice of vaccine for the population, in the last 15 days only 1.3 has increased vaccination coverage so that the first dose vaccinated 28.8 percent of our population, while the second one vaccinated25.12 percent, “Bera said.

She emphasized that in addition to the low percentage of vaccinated, there are also omissions in the continuous adherence to the measures. Also, she warned that this could be a big threat in the upcoming period during the holidays.

Current measures are very simple, common, which are not difficult to implement, which do not cost us anything, likewearing a mask, keeping a physical distance. However, we do not do that either. We act as if COVID is not there, as if nothing can happen to us, and we are witnesses that our fellow citizens are dying every day, ” noted Bera.


Source: BHRT


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