Ivo Komsic: Principles of Proponents of the Division of BiH lead to War

Ivo Komsic believes that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is impossible to divide, and that honest negotiations can easily reach an agreement on a functioning state, and that those who would divide BiH have a problem because it is difficult to choose the way and form of division, he said in an interview.

Komsic resents domestic negotiators who repeat: “I don’t support this country, this country must disappear, it has no future”, as well as foreigners for their thesis that whatever domestic politicians agree, they will support it.

“It is a thesis that legitimizes the division of the state in advanceif it can happen. Well, if you agree, we will accept, so go ahead, you divide it. And how can we agree? How can we agree on premises that are in conflict with each other? We want this country to be functional, rational, European, democratic, etc., and they don’t want that, what kind of agreement is that, what is it about? Let us give up, we who want what we want, from those principles of ours, and accept their principles. And their principles lead to war, “ categorically stated Ivo.

He doesn’t trust the negotiators

Ivo Komsic does not trust the current international negotiators since, he says, they are leading the negotiations in the wrong direction. The mistake, according to him, is to negotiate with the leaders of national parties who want to talk to foreigners as leaders of the people.

“I do not understand foreigners. I do not understand the representatives of the European Union (EU) and the United States (U.S.) administration who come here and accept this concept. Well, that concept has kept us going for 26 years so we can’t move on. We’re even going back. This concept is wrong. We have that concept in the functioning of our government, ” believes Komsic.

There is no difference in the policies of SNSD and HDZ in this phase of negotiations

The interlocutor thinks that now there is no difference between the policies of SNSD led by Milorad Dodik and HDZ BiH led by Dragan Covic. He also reminded of the recent statement of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, who said that Serbia and Croatia agree 90 percent when it comes to political moves towards BiH

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) Memorandum and Croats who support it

“I do not understand the Croatian policy that supports that policy: That policy scares Bosnian Croats to leave, they tell them that they have no prospects, that the state will fall apart. People are slowly leaving, because if Central Bosnia is to be emptied of Croats, then, that is the main thesis, we should leave Bosniaks with Serbs to live and then let the Serbs finish that work with them. This thesis is dangerous in two ways, both for Croats and Bosniaks. Unfortunately, they do not see that in Croatia. According to that logic, they will have rockets on the Una, in Bosanska Kostajnica. It is 70 kilometers away from Zagreb and 150 kilometers away from Vienna. Is that the Croatian policy that they are pursuing within the EU?” noted Komsic.

Almost 50.000 people are behind the Principle for changing the BiH Constitution.

Due to everything that is happening in BiH and the “games” around it, the non-governmental organizations Croatian National Council (HNV), Serbian Civic Council (SGV), the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI), and the Forum of Parliamentarians have proposed Principles for changing the Constitution of BiH.

Nevertheless, Ivo Komsic is aware that representatives of some policies may accept the proposed principles. But the majority in BiH will accept that because the principles are broad enough.

“It is only demanded that the fundamental principles on which BiH should function be respected, that the decisions of our Constitutional Court be respected, that the decisions of the International Court of Human Rights be respected. Declaratively, no one is against it. No one will say that they are against it, but the problem is that those who should implement it do not implement it,” said Ivo Komsic, a member of the Board of Directors of the HNV BiH.



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