Head of the EU Delegation to BiH sends Message to BiH Voters

During his visit to a polling station in Sarajevo, Head of the EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark said this is a very important day for BiH.

“On behalf of the European Union, I firstly hope the turnout will be high and that citizens will use their right and I would say an obligation to vote,” said Ambassador Wigemark.

He added he hopes there will be no great number of irregularities and manipulations in this election cycle.

“We hope the election results will be respected and that governments and legislative bodies will be formed in a relatively short period, as soon as possible. In order for that to happen a compromise needs to be reached, it will be necessary to negotiate, and above all there will have to be a will to find a solution that is sufficiently acceptable for everyone,” said Ambassador Wigemark.

As far as the EU is concerned, he said they will continue monitoring the election process, firstly by their colleagues from ODIHR, who will give their assessment of the elections tomorrow afternoon, but also from some other sources, such as colleagues from network of non-governmental organizations “Pod lupom“.

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