Health Workers organize Protest Walk in Mostar again

After numerous unsuccessful negotiations, members of the Union of Medical Workers in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton organized another protest walk today. They stopped in front of the cantonal Ministry of Finance and in front of the Government building, demanding the signing of a collective agreement.

This is another in a series of protest walks by union members, who have been on strike for almost four months. They pointed out that the Government is the only culprit why the health situation is not being resolved.

Yesterday, at their assembly, Prime Minister Nevenko Herceg and Ministers of Health and Finance Goran Opsenica and Adnan Faladzic were declared personae non grata, emphasizing that they are the only and main culprits for the complete collapse in health care at the Croatian National Theater.

About 2,600 union members are united and are demanding the signing of a collective agreement. They stressed that the government did not accept either of the two proposed proposals requested by the Health Union.

Dalibor Vukovic, member of the negotiating team of the HNK Health Workers’ Union From now on, we will protest every day in front of the Government and adopt new, stronger measures, until the Government satisfies the health workers and signs a collective agreement with them.

Ivica Anic, President of the Trade Union SKB Mostar “We must emphasize that the Minister of Health, Goran Opsenica, never appeared among the health workers. What his name says – to minister means to serve – he has never done that. He is the only minister who did not do that. And he should be ashamed. And the third person who is not here is Minister Faladzic.

The trade unionists also addressed the patients, who cannot get medical help, and told them to ask Prime Minister Herceg to tell them what to do, saying that he and the two ministers are the main culprits for the state of health.

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