Helios Banovići: Exports Increased by 30 Percent

Award-IncreaseDifficulties in business brought on by the global economic crisis did not skip over the company “Helios” d.d. Banovići. It operated under very difficult circumstances, market disruptions, and lack of money to finance working capital. The increase in prices of raw materials and energy prices impacted the increase in costs that are directly reflected in the slight increase in expenses compared to 2011’’, sad the Director of ‘Helios’ Fadil Halilović in an interview with ‘Komorski Informator’ from the Tuzla Canton Chamber of Commerce.

However, despite the evident problems that ‘Helios’ faced, there have been positive results in its business operations.

“The total revenue increased by 12 percent while the value of exports also increased by 30%, and makes up 35 percent of the total turnover in 2012. There were significant reductions in stocks of finished products as a result of good placement on the foreign market, and they are at the level of 30 percent of the stock from last year, while production was mainly at the level of 2011. Although last year the company was not in an enviable position, it survived and maintained continuity in business thanks to valid moves that brought timely management of the company, retained suppliers, and no employees were fired. This preserved the stability of the company and the requirements for further continuity and business in the future’’, said Director Halilović.

Despite all the difficulties, this business is turned towards the future and is constantly planning enterprise development, improvement of technology, creation of new markets and new products.

“In the field of development and improvement of technology there are planned investments in equipment that will provide a rational and more economical production, increase work productivity and ultimately produce a better quality for the market.

‘’There are plans to launch a new product (fireplace) in pellets that would be fully automated and meet all environmental standards of today, development of renewable energy resources such as solar collectors and the improvement and increase of the scope of service maintenance of mining equipment and machinery for RMU Banović and d.d. Banovići and other potential buyers’’, said Director Halilović of the optimistic plan for required quantities of basic products in order to realize the stated requirements of the customers. There is a plan to increase sales and production by around 5 percent in relation to the previous year.

There is a plan to create around 50 new jobs for employees on a fixed term. This is all in order to comply with the requirements of customers on the one hand, and the interests of stakeholders as owners on the other. Of course, of great importance for new business success would be the support at all levels of government, which is evidently lacking now.

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