Young Innovators a Step away from a revolutionary Device!


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a lot of potentials. Those are exceptionally talented young people who delight the society every day with their innovations.

One of them is Emin Šehić, a student of the first year of master studies at the Faculty of Electrical Energy in Sarajevo, a member of a group of highly talented and innovative young people who presented a prototype of a system that would significantly facilitate the life of the blind people.

The team also includes Timur Ćerimagić, Mirzet Brkić, Almedin Kavaz, Vahid Helać, and Faris Tanković. They have designed the system FeelTheSpace, which uses ultrasound sensors to locate objects in the space, and then with the help of the #D sound technology it notifies the blind person where the objects are located, providing a real sense of the space that surrounds that person.

“The idea was born a year ago, when my colleague Timur Ćerimagić and I decided to apply for the competition Night of the living devs, held in Sarajevo, when we created the first version of the system and achieved extraordinary results,” said Šehić.

The device, which consists of a belt which carries sensors connected with a mobile app that works on Windows OS and which is launched and used with a person’s voice, was tested by Mustafa Mehić, a blind young man who ran the half-marathon in Sarajevo.

“Mustafa’s reaction was very positive and he showed us which things we need to improve,” said Emin, while Timur added that the device is currently undergoing the process of becoming a patent.

One thing is for sure; the system FeelTheSpace can significantly facilitate the life of blind people. This young team enters 2017 with new ideas and a great desire to achieve even more.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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