Hifa Petrol acquires additional Storage Terminal

Hifa Petrol, a fuel products distributor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has acquired a liquid storage terminal in Sevarlija, near Doboj.

This acquisition brings the number of terminals that the company owns to five, with the others located in Bukvi near Tešnja, Gruda, Mostar and Vogosca.

The facility comprises a gas terminal with a capacity of 2.5 million liters and an oil terminal with a capacity of one million litres. Both terminals have access to the access road truck. This brings the total storage capacity for Hifa Petrol for oil and petroleum products to 12,600,00 litres. The terminal near Doboj provides stability of supply for oil and oil derivatives.

The facility has state-of-the-art technologies with fire protection in accordance with EU standards. The terminal is fully automated, and the entire process is digitalised, including truck weighing, tapping and weighing.

The company says in a statement that this acquisition makes it one of the most successful oil companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that it will continue top provide safe and stable deliveries of petroleum and petroleum products.


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