Historical Event: Let’s Welcome Opening of Vijećnica Together!

usaid vijecnicaIn order to magnify the solemn moment of the opening of the renovated Vijećnica, USAID invites citizens and guests of Sarajevo on 9 May in the evening to join artists and together to celebrate this great day of culture , art and tradition in B&H.

The beauty of the renovated Vijećnica is worth the admiration of the whole world. Therefore, all the participants that will attend the opening ceremony are invited to share photos of this event through social networks. For this purpose, USAID and BH Telecom have provided wireless internet access. The meeting point is the park across from Vijećnica, where the program will start at 17:00 until 22:00.

Students of the 5 art academies from all across the country, in the late afternoon hours will start making mural canvas, 20 meters width. Everyone who wants, can give their creative contribution in this form of art.

Visitors at the same time will be able to see the famous Baščaršija handicrafts, which have the label of authenticity Original Sarajevo Quality and they can refresh with authentic traditional drinks – boza and salep.

Sarajevo philharmonic has prepared a music program that will be performed on the open stage, at 19:00, conducted by Samra Gulamović.

USAID invites citizens of all generations to meet at the park across from Vijećnica, under the motto “Be witness of the historical event”.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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