HJPC B&H: Ban on wearing Religious Symbols to remain in force

vstvHigh Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B&H /HJPC/ stayed with their previous conclusion related to the ban on wearing religious symbols in judicial institutions.

HJPC will, for better understanding of the essence of this conclusion, announce a public memorandum on its official web-page which will explain in details and interpret the reasons for this decision.

From this institution was confirmed that, with the same goal, they will start with discussions and open dialogue with representatives of all religious communities in B&H, as well as interested representatives of legislative and executive authorities in B&H.

President of HJPC Milan Tegeltija invited everyone to calm the tensions regarding the issue of wearing religious symbols in judicial institutions.

At the beginning of yesterday’s session of the HJPC, Tegeltija commented on the great on the issue of the wearing of religious symbols in judicial institutions.

President of HJPC emphasized that the public focused only on the hijab, although their decision refers to all religious symbols.

(Source: klix.ba)

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