How Bosnian made Swedes angry because of the Driving License

polisSince yesterday, the refugees in Sweden can drive a car without having to show their driving license to the police, according to Swedish newspaper Fria Tider. The court dismissed the case against the young Bosnian who had no driving license after being stopped by the police.

The whole case raised the anger of citizens of Sweden where the traffic laws and rules are very much respected. However, this unnamed young Bosnian became the exception.

The 22-year-old B&H citizen from the city of Kallinge was caught while driving a car without a license, after which he received an invitation to court. When he came on the court, he explained that he had a driving license of B&H, but he lost it 9 months ago when he moved to Sweden.

Even though he did not manage to prove that he has driving license from B&H, the Swedish court decided to drop all charges because they did not manage to prove that he does not have B&H driving license either, as reported by Fria Tider.

“In practice, this means that the newly arrived migrants can drive without a license,” as written in the newspaper.

Inspector Helena Renberg from Karlskrona stated that she already has 30 similar cases in her small town, as reported by Radio Sweden.

The situation with this Bosnians made many Swedes angered as if this was done by one of their citizens, they say, he would have to pay thousands of crowns (SEK).

“If a person cannot show or prove that he has a driving license, he should not be driving at all. After all, the Swedish law strictly requires that a person must show a document when driving a car,” said the officer Stefan Palm from Blekinge County.

Swedes expressed their anger by this precedent at the local forums. Osiris, one of the users of forum Flashback, said that, by this decision, every immigrant can drive a car without a driver’s license and tell the officer that he had lost it.

“Persons who are coming from countries outside the European Union and which are not officially registered in Sweden, do not have to have driving license. Given that the whole process of registration in Sweden takes up to 2 years, during this period, refugees and immigrants can drive a car without a license,” according to Fria Tider.

(Source: nap.ba)

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