How many People are employed in the Institutions of B&H?

administrationAccording to the data of the Council of Ministers of B&H a total of 22,412 people is employed in state institutions. 9725 salaries are paid to members of the Armed Forces of B&H through the single treasury account as well as 12,687 salaries for employees of B&H institutions.

According to the Agency for Civil Services that were collected “manually”, on the 30th of June 2015, a total of 3,855 civil servants was employed in B&H. These are mostly senior expert associates (1,024) and expert consultants (1021). Right behind them are expert associates (846), heads of internal organizational units (673), assistants of ministers and directors (216), secretaries on special assignment (54) and secretaries (21).

However, besides civil servants in the institutions of B&H, there are also employees with high school education, persons appointed in accordance with the Law on Ministerial Appointments, Appointments of the Council of Ministers of B&H and other appointments in B&H, police officers, professional military personnel in the Ministry of Defense B&H, and the employees in the institutions that are excluded from the application of the Law on Civil Service in the B&H institutions, such as the Office of OHR, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Court of B&H, the Constitutional Court of B&H, the Office for audit of operations of institutions of B&H, the Communications Regulatory Agency B&H and SIPA.

Almost 64 % of GDP is spent on financing of the huge public sector every year, which is consisted of one state’s, two entity’s and ten cantonal governments, each with their own legislative bodies, or parliaments and assemblies.

(Source: E. Musinovic/Klix.ba)

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