How much Money did the UK invest in BiH so far?

Within preparations for the diplomatic mission, the newly appointed Ambassador of BiH to the United Kingdom, Valentina Marincic, visited the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) in order to get to know the economic cooperation between the two countries a bit better, and she placed her focus on the British investments realized in BiH so far.

The Director of FIPA, Gordan Milinic presented the work of the Agency in the field of attracting foreign investment and investing opportunities in BiH, as well as sectors that are attractive for foreign investors and the economic cooperation realized between the two countries so far.

Great Britain occupies the tenth place on the list of investors in BiH, and the level of investment from the UK amounted to a total of 229 million EUR, according to data from the Central Bank of BiH.

Some of the larger UK investments are: EFT- Mine and TPP Stanari Ltd., Mineco – Mine of Lead and Zinc Sase, STEELMIN LIMITED UK – Steelmin BH Ltd. Jajce, RPC Superfos Balkan Ltd. Gracanica, Excel Assemblies BH Ltd. Maglaj, etc.

From the ambassador is expected to attend economic gatherings, establish cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of UK and other associations related to industry in order to further improve economic cooperation between the two countries when it comes to investments and exports.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)


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