How realistically is it to return Migrants to their Countries of Origin?

The return of migrants to their countries of origin and their deployment to the countries of the European Union is the main opinion of the Presidency of BiH on the migrant situation.

BiH is in a stalemate when it comes to the migration process and the migrant crisis. The Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, notes that BiH is not the cause of the crisis, nor has it initiated.

“If EU countries accept some of illegal migrants, and others to be deported to the countries of origin, then many allegedly humanitarian organizations across Europe would start to condemn it,” Dodik said.

The proposal of the New Pact on Asylum and Migration of the European Commission focuses on the return of illegal migrants and their retention at the external borders of the EU. However, the issue of readmission of migrants would not give results at the moment, although it would be a long-term goal in resolving the migrant crisis that BiH can implement, experts believe.

“It is a long-term activity that needs to come to life, and to be established in the diplomatic sense, meaning to set up relations with the countries from which migrants come. It takes a lot of time for readmission of migrants because of determination of their identity, and you know that they do not have any documents with them, so it is very difficult to determine where they come from and how they arrive to BiH, ” said military analyst Nedzad Ahatovic.

Earlier, the Una-Sana Canton asked the Presidency of BiH to determine the quota of how many illegal migrants BiH can be taken care of, and the available accommodation capacities that will be managed by the competent state institutions.

“The main problem was and remains that we have never worked on controlling the entry of illegal migrants into BiH. It is necessary to strengthen the eastern border of BiH to prevent illegal migrants from entering BiH. Our basic request to the Council of Ministers is the establishment of strong coordination, an even distribution of camps for the reception of migrants, since we are part of BiH and we will be part of the solution, ” said the Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton, Mustafa Ruznic.

Without effective control and armed forces on the border of BiH, the president of SDA believes that it will be very difficult to determine quotas, ie the allowed number of migrants who can enter our territory.

“It will be difficult to determine because we will not set quotas, but it will be done due to the pressure on the borders, and there will be more of it with the spring for sure. If we have people who stop the action in the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, and then at all other levels, if they are not welcome in RS, or in the parts of BiH where Croats live, if we have a racist attitude towards the migrant crisis, then it is really difficult to handle, ” said the president of SDA, Bakir Izetbegovic.

Is it possible that migrants who are staying illegally in BiH without any documents can soon be expected to be removed from the streets, no one can say for sure. Ahatovic believes that by dislocating migrants at several locations, better border police capacities, and better technical and material equipment of border control, if necessary, the involvement of the Armed Forces of BiH, the level of endangering the security of BiH citizens would be reduced.

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