HR Valentin Inzko comments on State-level Officials Gathering in Republika Srpska Entity



The High Representative wishes to comment on the attendance of the state-level officials at the gathering on 20 February 2020 in the RS Government Administrative Centre in East Sarajevo organized by Mr. Dodik.

“The gathering was de facto related to the implementation of the Republika Srpska (RS) policy of blocking the decision-making process in the state-level institutions.

The attendance at the meeting is unacceptable as it de facto signals preparedness to take part in blocking the decision-making in the state-level institutions. Also, it seriously undermines the professional, ethic and personal integrity of attendees and the perception of independence of the institution they represent.

Heads of independent institutions are legally obliged to ensure the independence of the institution from political interference, and to refrain from any action that may undermine the institution they represent or the institution’s independence.

I would remind that the state-level officials in BiH institutions who are elected and appointed from the territory of the entities are not representatives of the entities but of the State of BiH. Under Annex 4 to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH (the BiH Constitution), state-level institutions and state-level officials carry out their duties in accordance with the Constitution of BiH and decisions of the BiH institutions and not entities.

I would like to reiterate that the state level officials who attended the gathering of 20 February 2020 in East Sarajevo, as all other state-level officials, have the responsibility to strictly abide by the BiH Constitution and the law and they are obliged to ensure full unimpeded functioning  of the state institutions, including swift decision-making process.”


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