Be humane: Help Alen Rizvanović who needs Treatment in Germany!

160926139-4_mnAmel Rizvanović from Velika Kladuša had a terrible car accident in April this year, which turned his life into a nightmare.

Amel was transferred to Sarajevo urgently. He spent a month in a coma. His injuries from the accident include ruptured thorax, which is why Amel breathes with assistance of an apparatus, and he also broke two vertebras. After waking up from the coma and when he finally started getting better, he was transferred to the Cantonal Hospital Bihać, where he stayed for three months.

Just when everyone thought the worst has passed, the worst had just begun. Wounds began to appear on Amel’s body, looking horrible. This 24-year-old man suffers unimaginable pains every day and his body literally decays while his spine is paralyzed.

Over the past several days, different campaigns were launched across Krajina, aimed at raising the necessary funds for Amel’s treatment in Germany.

Amel’s health condition is critical and he must travel to Germany as soon as possible.

You can help him by paying money to the account number BA391613000071807991 – Suad Beganović, Todorovo, BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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