Bikers from Germany collected 19 Trucks of Medical Equipment for BiH

A total of 19 trucks of medical equipment was collected thanks to motorcycle lovers who are part of associations Bikers Brumi Hilfe and Bikers of Europe, and six of them were delivered to Tuzla. After customs procedure, they will be handed over to medical institutions.

The University Clinical Center Tuzla received three trucks of equipment, and the rest of them are intended for the Healthcare Center Tuzla and the Pensioners’ House of Tuzla.

“We have been conducting this and similar activities since the year of 2003, and this is the 17th transport in the organization of our motorcycle club in the Balkans. We are very happy with the fact that Motoklub Tuzla is our partner and they helped us a lot in the organization of all of this,” said the President of the association Bikers Bumi Hilfe, Herman Munzel.

A large humanitarian campaign took place under the slogan “Solidarity and Integration in Europe”, and the sponsor of this activity is the European Parliament.

“We received specific equipment that will be handed over to three institutions after customs procedure. The Pensioners’ House of Tuzla will receive beds and aid for elderly people. The University Clinical Center Tuzla will receive ultrasonic devices, operating lamps, instruments and uniforms. The Healthcare Center Tuzla will receive dental chairs,” said Bahrudin Hadziefendic, the Minister of Health of the Canton Tuzla.

Director of UCC Tuzla, Nesad Hotic, noted that the donated equipment was collected in accordance with the needs of this medical institution, because doctors from Germany, who are also members of the motoclubs, previously paid a visit to the aforementioned medical institutions.

The President of Eurobikers of BiH Srecko Boras noted that this is the fifth time for the friendly organizations Bikers Brumi Hilfe and Bikers of Europe to organize humanitarian convoys for BiH.

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