”If this were a theater show” at Sarajevo War Theater

Tonight on the Open stage of Sarajevo War Theater the audience will have the opportunity to watch a theater show entitled ” If this were a theater show” based on the text by Almir Imširević and directed by Agon Myftari in the production of ”La Rreme” theater group and ”ODA” Theater from Pristine. The acting cast for this theater show consists of Adrian Morina, Besnik Krapi, Armend Ismajli and Rebeka Qena.

This theater show tells the story of a person travelling by bus to Pristine during the war. He gets hit by a sniper and dies in the bus. The passengers are shocked and the shooting changes their journey and most importantly their lives. All passengers who saw this happening retell the event. Their stories are full of grotesque pictures of life and survival.

Theater group ”La Rreme” was formed in 2012 and they want to research new forms of telling stories freed from all conventional production. In times of great competition, they want to relive the beauty of simplicity on theater stage with the aim of establishing a direct connection with the consciousness of the viewers.

This theater show will be performed tonight at 20:00 p.m.


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