Igor Emkić preparing for the No Limit 8 Tournament

12714285_1107210759329879_2038861909_nIgor Emkić, one of the best BiH kick boxers, is getting ready for performance at the No Limit 8 Tournament which is to be held in Sarajevo in March. Igor’s first opponent will be the Montenegrin fighter Boban Krušić.

After a great performance and a technical knockout against Toni Mikelić, Emkić dedicated himself to regeneration, and now he is getting ready for new challenges in the ring.

“After the fight in Rijeka, I focused on regeneration of my body and recovery of injuries I got in the past several fights. Earlier this year I did some quality basic preparations, now I feel I’m in a real competition shape and that I am ready for new challenges,” Emkić said.

No Limit 8 will be held on March 11 in Sarajevo. The audience will, among other things, have an opportunity to see the best eight fighters from the region. It will be a true spectacle.

In the past period, Igor has been working on improving his techniques and, as he says, he prepared some unpleasant surprises for future opponents.

“My team and I tried to correct all shortcomings that we noticed. We dedicated a lot of attention to the acquisition of new techniques and we have been working on mastering things that I had never demonstrated to the audience before. I reached a whole another level in performances in the ring. Opponents will be surprised once they see what awaits them in the ring,” Emkić said.

Igor will prepare for the tournament in Tuzla and Novi Sad.


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