Impressive Results of the Team of B&H on the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

competition2Team of young mathematical geniuses from our country continues to achieve great results, this time on the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which this year took place in Thailand!

B&H mathematicians won the 43rd place on the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which was held in Thailand, within the competition of 577 participants from 104 countries from 5 continents, which is one of the best results of mathematicians from B&H in the last 10 years.

Salko Zlatko Lagumdzija (International High School, Sarajevo) and Milica Djukic (Gymnasium Prnjavor) won bronze medals, while Neira Kurtovic (Sarajevo College), Adisa Bolic (Una Sana College), Mirza Arnaut (Gymnasium “Dr. Mustafa Kamaric”) and Demir Papic (International High School Sarajevo), won honorary praise of this prestigious event.

Other countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Finland, the Czech Republic etc. were left behind brilliant B&H mathematicians.

From the Western Balkans countries, Serbia was the only one better than B&H mathematicians.

IMO was held for the first time in Romania back in 1956, with only seven countries that participated. Today, 104 countries are participating on the International Mathematical Olympiad.

(Source: bosnasema.ba)

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