In 2012,Centrotrans Eurolines made 200 000 BAM of profit

Centrotrans Eurolines company, in 2012, has made 200 000 BAM of profit and company’s revenue is 41,303,456 BAM.

Apart from regular activates the company has invested a lot of money in new investments, 5,650,865 million BAM for the purchase of new buses, 94,346 for the purchase of new equipment.

The business plan for 2012 years will be similar to that of 2012.

Centrotrans plans to invest 4,100,000 BAM in buying new equipment and 5 new MAN buses and one Neoplan bus, all worth 3,510,000 BAM.

Manager of Centrotrans Eurolines Safudin Čengić no-visa regime has allowed citizens of BiH easier travel to the EU, which led to an increase of international traffic.

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