Indirect Taxation Authority seized a large Amount of Cigarettes valued 32,000 BAM


Authorized officers of the Indirect Taxation Authority seize a large amount of cigarettes and fine-cut tobacco valued at BAM 32,000 in the Pale municipality.

Intensified activities on the prevention of illegal sales of excise products (cigarettes and fine-cut tobacco) were recently undertaken in the Pale municipality by authorised officers of the Indirect Taxation Authority, Group for the prevention of smuggling and crime from the Law Enforcement Division, Sarajevo RC, in cooperation with the Group for investigations.

On that occasion, in line with the instructions of and under the supervision by the attending prosecutor with the Prosecutor’s office of Bosna and Herzegovina, 5.651 packs of cigarettes of various brands and 22 kilograms of fine-cut tobacco which were not marked with BiH excise stamps were seized from one person. The market value of the temporarily seized goods is approx. BAM 32,000.

The goods will be used as evidence in criminal proceedings against the person for which there is reasonable doubt that they committed the criminal act referred to in Article 210 a) Illicit Trade of Excise Products, of the Law on amendments to the Criminal Code of BiH.

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