Industrial Production in the FBiH on the Rise

biggerIndustrial production in the FBiH in March of this year is 11,1 percent higher than in the previous month and in comparison to the average monthly production from 2012 is higher by 9,1 percent.

Industrial production in the FBiH for March of this year is higher by 11,3 percent in comparison to production in March 2012.

The total industrial production in the period of January-March of 2013 in comparison to the same period in 2012 is higher by 9,4 percent. In the manufacturing industry there is an increase by 9,5 percent, and in the area of production and supply of electricity and gas there is an increase by 22,9 percent, while in the area of mining and quarrying there is a decrease by 7,1 percent, according to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Statistics.

According to the main industrial grouping, in the period from January-March, in comparison to the same period in 2012, production increased in energy by 15,8 percent, capital goods by 26,1 percent, and non-durable consumer goods by 6,6 percent, while the observed decrease in intermediate goods, apart from energy, was 2,7 percent and durable consumer goods by 7,5 percent.

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