Intensify Cooperation Between BiH and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ljubic - amb saudi arabijaChairman of the BiH House of Representatives Božo Ljubić spoked yesterday in Sarajevo with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Eid Mohammed A. Althakafie.

Chairman Ljubić thanked the Ambassador for the assistance provided by Saudi Arabia, which is particularly reflected in the area of infrastructure, return of refugees and the construction of medical institutions.

According to Ljubić, given that Saudi Arabia is among the bigger investors in our country, he expressed hope that in the next period engagement would increase and that cooperation in various areas would intensify.

This should especially occur since BiH has a lot of potential and represents a good opportunity for investment, and thanks to the natural beauty and medical tourism in BiH it could be an interesting tourist destination.

They agreed that improved economic ties would contribute to a stronger cooperation between the parliaments of these two friendly countries.

Ambassador Althakafi also spoke with Ljubić of the upcoming bilateral visit of a delegation of the BiH Parliament to Saudi Arabia. Ljubić is also the Chairman of the Friendship Group for Africa and the Middle East.

The call for this official visit was sent earlier, and they spoke of the terms for the realization of these work visits.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives informed the Ambassador of the current situation in BiH, and the processes that are underway and which are important for our country to join the EU.

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