Interesting Story: Berin did not want to wait for a Job, Grows Quails and sells Eggs

Berin Talovic Quails klix.baThe 20-year-old Berin Talovic from Sarajevo decided to, after finishing high school, not sit with arms crossed and wait for a job. Right after he obtained his diploma, he started thinking of launching his own business. He opted for breeding quails.

“The idea of breeding quails seemed to me like the most realistic option. I’ve seen some reports on breeders and I realized that maintenance is not demanding”, Talovic said.

In the very beginning, his parents and family helped him. He slowly started expanding the market, and he founded a crafts business.

“Over time, I have expanded my network of consumers and for now I manage to meet the obligations of application of contributions for pension and health insurance, and pay the tax”, said this young Sarajevan.

Berin is taking care of the quails and eggs, but he admits that sometimes parents help as well. He keeps quails in cages which are regularly cleaned and he feeds them with 80 percent of natural food and 20 percent of concentrate, for which he says is important for their health. There are also numerous other herbs and things, and the water is changed regularly. Berin points out that it is important in order for the eggs to be healthy and have a better effect on healing people.

“I have a vision to establish a farm with quails and poultry in foreseeable future”, said Talovic.

As a medicine, the eggs of the Japanese quail are a natural remedy for healing numerous illnesses, and they have been in use for several thousands of years already, primarily in the Asian countries. Quail eggs are richer in vitamins and minerals than all other bird eggs, even several times. For example, there is ten times more vitamin B, five times more phosphorus, and seven times more iron in quail eggs.

Nowadays, quail eggs are mostly used for the treatment of bronchitis, diseases of nervous system, heart, circulatory system, liver and kidney.


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