Interesting Story: Cabrina Tavern marked 100 Years of Existence

Not all taverns are pubs. There are those in which a man can rest the soul, feel the spirit of the tradition of BiH while served with coffee in a small pot, Bosnian delight and sugar. One such tavern is still working, and it is located across the Kursumlija Mosque in Maglaj.

It seems like the time has stopped in Maglaj bazaar, and the tavern is still a favorite place of the oldest residents of Maglaj, as it was back in 1919, when Husein Obralic returned from Pest and served his guests drinks in fildzan (traditional Bosnian coffee cup). Yes, fildzan, nobody had a drop of alcohol for almost a 100 years in Cabrina tavern!

The coffee is still served as it was served almost 100 years ago, which is interesting for tourists who visit Maglaj. However, a large number of young people from Maglaj rarely visits the tavern with a history, although prices are more affordable than in other restaurants in town.

In Cabrina tavern was held an exhibition of photographs of guests who are regularly visiting. Photos of the exhibition “The moment of a man” was made by Radivoje Suznjevic, but large part of the photos was burned during the shelling of a house where the exhibition was held.

“Today, older guests are still visiting tavern, and if I would take photos of all of them that are coming. From 2006 until today, around 50 regular guests died, but there are still those who come, spend their time playing games, with hot drink and good company, “said Seka, who now runs this place.

Most of the guests of this small tavern that except modest services offers a warm word of welcome, often do not drink anything, but Seka does not mind, because as she says, if they have money they drink, if not they play chess.

For how much longer will Cabrina tavern be opened, how many persons will be recorded in Seka’s memory before the tavern gets closed, is still unknown. However, it is certain that it will, as it is now, Cabrina tavern will be remembered for a long time as well as the door always open for all guests.

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